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I am Najah Cymone the creator of NC Art & Design. My main style of art is abstract expressionism with focus on texture and design. Acrylic paint is my main medium but, I also incorporate oils and lots of spray paint in my artwork. The style of art I create stems from expression of emotion in live action if you will. I enjoy adding vibrant, loud, and fun colors to make my work come alive. Music and silence act as a balancing force to drive my passion out of me. Painting over the years has become more than a hobby to me. I have been painting for about 9 years but I’ve been a creator my whole life. Art is a significant part of my day to day life, it’s the language I speak, and it’s how I express myself. I have created NCA&D in order to share and bring vibrant, joyful, expressive, and original art to others lives.

I am a straight up homegrown entrepreneur. My parents, who all own their own businesses, have taught and guided me so well not only in life but, on how to own my craft. My mother, Tia Washington is an event planner and decorator and is the owner of Entouch Events and Entouch Events Hall located in Warren, MI.. My bonus mother, Selena Parker, is a photographer and the owner of JMTPD.  My father, Brandon Parker, is a personal trainer and owner of A Way of Life fitness, AWOLF. Together Brandon and Selena also own Socialite Body Essentials, a wellness company. All have been in business for over 10 years and have made outstanding accomplishments. 
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I hope to continue and continually show and share my vision and story with others open to the larger world of creativity and possibility. 

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